February 25, 2024

What is RFC used for?

What does RFC mean?

RFCs (Request For Comments) are a group of documents which ask the web community and which describe, specify, aid within the implementation, standardize and discuss the bulk of norms, standards, technologies and protocols associated with the web and to networks generally .

By whom were these RFCs written?

The TCP / IP protocol suite represents a group of standards established by a corporation called the web Engineering Tasking Force (IETF). These officially publish their reports within the sort of queries, available to all or any , enabling an outsized number of subjects concerning TCP / IP to be clarified.

Each of those documents represents a proposed specification which can at any time be made obsolete by a replacement RFC document. Thus, RFCs are text files whose name is “rfcxxxx.txt” where xxxx may be a number incremented for every new RFC. There are currently over 2000, representing a size of about 130MB (25MB when compressed). However, many of those files are replaced by newer files.

In reality anyone can write an RFC and submit it to the IETF by forwarding it to the maintainer: [mailto: rfc.editor@rfc.editor.org rfc.editor@rfc.editor.org]. If this is often accepted, it’ll appear after being criticized by those responsible. RFC1543, entitled instructions to RFC authors, explains the way to write an RFC.

What are the interesting RFCs?

Protocole UDP RFC768
Protocole IP RFC791
Protocole ICMP RFC792
Protocole TCP RFC793
Protocole FTP RFC959
Internet Mail RFC822
Protocole Telnet RFC854
Protocole NNTP RFC977
Netbios RFC1001
Protocole SLIP RFC1055
FAQ pour les débutants RFC1206
FAQ pour les personnes expérimentées RFC1207
Glossaire sur les réseaux RFC1208
Les RFC RFC1325
MIME (MultiPurpose Mail Extension) RFC2045, RFC2046 et RFC2047
Allocation d’adresses IP pour les intranets RFC1597
Protocole PPP RFC1661
Les numéros de port RFC3232
Protocole HTTP RFC2068
Protocole LDAPv3 RFC2251
Protocole SMTP RFC2821

What is RFC used for

An RFC (Request for Comments) is a purely technical document published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). RFCs are primarily used to develop a “standard” network protocol, a function of a network protocol, or any other characteristic related to network communication.

RFCs were first used in the creation of the ARPANET protocols, which established what has become of the Internet today. They continue to be published on an ongoing basis as the technology underlying the Internet evolves.

Many popular computer networking technologies have been documented in RFCs, including:


  • Internet Domain Name Concepts (RFC 1034)
  • Address Allocation for Private Intranets (RFC 1918)
  • HTTP (RFC 1945)
  • DHCP (RFC 2131)
  • IPv6 (RFC 2460)

Even though the basic Internet technologies have matured, the RFC process continues to operate through the IETF. The documents are drafted and go through several stages of review before final ratification. The topics covered in the RFCs are intended for highly specialized research audiences, professionals and academics. Rather than Facebook-like public comments, comments on RFC documents are provided through the RFC publisher’s site. The final standards are published on the RFC Index.

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