July 14, 2024

What is the Difference between SSH and Telnet?

what is Telnet and SSH  so that is a topic of this article.
now telnet is a terminal emulation program that is used to access remote servers it’s a simple command-line tool that runs on your computer and it’ll allow you to send commands remotely to a server and administer that server just as if you were sitting in front of it so when you connect remotely to a server using telnet you would just use commands with a keyboard to tell that server what to do so you can use those commands to run programs create folders delete files create files transfer files browse directories start or stop services and so on so pretty much you can do everything even if you’re a thousand miles away from that server and in addition to communicating with servers telnet is also used to manage and configure other network devices such as routers and switches and you can also use it to check if ports are open or closed on a server now telnet can be used with operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS but it’s largely used on Linux and UNIX systems so as I stated before telnet is a command-line tool there is no graphical user interfac it’s just a very simple text oriented utility that will run on a computer in fact you don’t even have to have a computer to run telnet you can just use a simple dumb terminal and all the commands are sent by using a keyboard and because it only sends commands and not graphics telnet is very fast.

What is Telnet?

Telnet stands for Teletype Network and it was developed back in 1969 and because it was developed prior to the internet security was not really an issue so with telnet all the commands are sent in clear text so there is no encryption so if you were to use telnet today to communicate with a server over the internet someone could easily eavesdrop and grab any sensitive data that you’re sending to that server such as username and passwords so because of the lack of encryption telnet is outdated and it should not be used over the public Internet but some people still use it today but largely in a local area network and not over the internet but also they may have to use it if they are working with older equipment that can’t support modern protocols such as SSH.

What is SSH?

SSH, Secure Shell is a network protocol used to establish a secure connection between two remote hosts on the Internet or within a network. SSH uses an encrypted format to transfer data between computers, so this encrypted mechanism ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data exchanged. SSH is widely used for remote login systems and for remote command execution due to its security. By using SSH, users can send confidential data such as username, password and other commands in a secure manner as all this data is encrypted and cannot be easily decrypted and read by hackers. SSH uses public key cryptography for remote system authentication. By default, SSH servers listen to port 22 over Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and can be used in public networks. It provides strong authentication and a secure communication mechanism over unsecured channels.

What is The Differences between SSH and Telnet?


  • SSH and Telnet are two network protocols that allow users to connect to remote systems and execute commands on them.
  • Remote host command line access is similar in both protocols, but the main difference between these protocols depends on the security measure of each. SSH is highly secure than Telnet.
  • By default, SSH uses port 22 and Telnet uses port 23 for communications, and both use the TCP standard.
  • SSH sends all data in an encrypted format, but Telnet sends the data in plain text. Therefore, SSH uses a secure channel to transfer data over the network, but Telnet uses a normal way to connect to the network and communicate.
  • Additionally, SSH uses public key encryption to authenticate remote users, but Telnet does not use any authentication mechanism.
  • Thus, private data, such as usernames and passwords, should not be sent using Telnet, as they are susceptible to malicious attacks. It is highly recommended to use SSH for remote
  • login systems, as data sent using this protocol cannot be easily interpreted by hackers.
    Because of the security available in each protocol, SSH is suitable for use in public networks, although they may or may not be reliable, but Telnet is only suitable for private networks.
  • Finally, the Telnet protocol has a number of security drawbacks, and the SSH protocol has overcome most of these security issues. So SSH can be seen as an alternative to the Telnet protocol.

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