May 23, 2024

CPAGRIP Review+Payment Proof

What is CPAGrip?

CPAGrip was founded in 2011 in the United States, so it can be considered a relatively new company in the CPA industry.

However, the fact that a company is still new does not mean that it does not have much influence among similar companies (MaxBounty,FlexOffers, Awin and more).

In fact, the opposite is true.

CPAGrip is currently a one of the leading companies specializing in CPA (Cost per action) offers.

CPA means that the publisher (affiliate) receives payment for the exact work is done, which may include receiving new leads from a certain country, filling in sign up forms, etc.

CPAGrip provides collaboration between advertisers and publishers, where the task of publisher is to promote the offers  to a specific audience by performing a specific CPA task.

CPAGrip stands out among other similar companies by its high quality of service at all levels.

Some of the affiliate tools  are not found anywhere else.

These include special promotion techniques to encourage greater conversion of CPA offers (read more about this later in this article).

CPAGrip not only works with US audience, but also provide offers related to other countries.

They are also open to working with advertisers and publishers from other countries, which makes it essentially an international company.

Sign up process



Goto the CPAGrip application form (linked)

  • Click this link to go to CPAGrip. This link will take you directly to the publisher application. You’ll be signed up as my referral, and you’ll be able to message me through the platform if you need any help.
  • Fill out the application. It only takes a few moments; less if you’ve already got your details in your browsers autocomplete.
A screenshot of CPAGrip's publisher application
CPAGrip’s application form

While registering, you’ll be asked for your website, address and contacts details, and your publisher type.

Can I join CPAGrip if I don’t have a website?

Yes, you can. I’d personally put in a social media address instead; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter–for example.

You’ll be signed up as a ConvertCPA referral, so feel free to mention this URL in the ‘Where did you hear about us’ box.


Advertiser account

CPAGrip is an affiliate platform and acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers, providing the successful cooperation of these two parties.

If you are a company representative or an individual owner of your own product or service who is looking for ways to sell them better, then CPAGrip is a great platform where you can do it.

CPAGrip has thousands of affiliates at different levels who are ready to promote (of their choice) the offers offered by advertisers.

Advertisers determine in advance how much the publisher will receive for the work , so both parties clearly know the terms of cooperation from the very beginning.

CPAGrip does not interfere with advertisers’ settings, as long as they comply with CPAGrip terms of use.

This means that advertisers can decide for themselves what results they want to get from the work of publishers.

The task of publishers is to perform these tasks exactly as advertisers want.

Being an advertiser and using CPAGrip as an intermediary to work with publishers is a big advantage because publishers take on the difficult promotional work of advertisers instead.

In addition, advertisers can be assured that they will receive the quality services from publishers.

CPAGrip carries out a serious check to ensure that publishers are fit for this job .

Publisher account

If you want to make money as an affiliate (publisher) by promoting CPA offers, then CPAGrip is one of the best platforms to do so

CPAGrip only works with high quality advertisers.

So you can be sure that you will access a variety of best CPA offers.

Pay for the work  varies from advertiser to advertiser, so you need to know it in advance for each CPA offer.

The nice thing about CPA offers is that you don’t have to sell anything (which is quite a difficult task).

In most cases, your task will be to attract new customers through filling in various sign up forms.

In this way, advertisers try to attract a specific audience that is interested in their products or services.

The goods and services are later will be sold by the advertisers themselves, so you won’t have to worry about that.

But your job will be to provide quality traffic to attract a specific audience for advertisers’ products.

And that is not an easy task.

Before you become a publisher, you need to prepare in advance and know exactly how you will attract customers through the advertiser offers.

CPAGrip allows publishers to use different traffic sources, so you can choose which method to use (read more about this later in this article).



CPAGrip focuses specifically on CPA offers, which include the various steps that need to be taken for a CPA offer to be considered made.

CPAGrip has more than 3000 CPA offers in various categories.

All these offers are of high quality because CPAGrip only works with well known and trusted advertisers.

You can safely promote any advertiser offer and be sure that you will definitely receive your money.

The good news is that many of these CPA offers are very well paid.

CPAGrip Influential offers have one of the highest affiliate commissions compared to other CPA networks.

As for the tasks of publishers, they are different for every advertiser.

It is all based on the advertiser’s desire to attract new customers to sell their products.

The publisher can do this in different ways, depending on the wishes of the advertiser.

For example, if an advertiser wants to communicate with potential customers by phone, then the publisher’s job will be to get the customer to register for the phone call.

Another advertiser may wish to contact customers via email to establish further cooperation.

In this case, the publisher’s job will be to get the customer to leave their email address on  landing page sign up form.

There are also offers in which the publisher receives payment for the fact that the customer downloads an ebook (called Pay-per-download offers).

CPAGrip offers are related to different countries, so the publisher’s task may be to attract only people from a certain country

How to promote CPAGrip products?

Before you start promoting CPAGrip advertiser offers, it is very important to understand that you as a publisher will need to take care of providing highly targeted traffic.

As far as CPA offers are relate to a particular task, simply attracting new customers will not be enough.

Advertisers do not just want to capture a lot of interested people, but a specific audience (sometimes even from just one country).

In fact, the most difficult task is to attract customers from a particular country.

Advertisers are very strict against this condition because they need highly interested customers from certain countries.

Each advertiser usually allows you to use a few methods to attract customers.

In practice, it turns out that one of the best ways to promote CPA offers is through your affiliate niche website.

For example, you can  write quality articles on affiliate offer topics, offering a CPA offer as a solution to the problem.

The main problem, of course, is attracting specific customers, because all website visitors do not meet the conditions set by the advertiser.

It is good to promote CPA offers on social media through your account, which has a lot of followers(especially, if they are from a particular country).

But the best results  usually will be with promoting CPA offers through paid advertising.

With paid advertising you can choose to attract customers from a particular country.


Each publisher has their own manager who you can ask about everything related to the CPA offers promotion.

These managers have big experience and knowledge.

You will learn a lot from them if you will listen to their advice and put it into practice.

Affiliate tools

The CPAGrip affiliate dashboard displays all the key information about CPA offers conversions,-earned money, link clicks, views, audience insights and more.

A chat box is also available for direct communication with CPAGrip representatives.

Another useful tool is the landing page builder.

With its help,you can create a suitable landing page for any affiliate campaign, which will make it easier to get new leads (new customers for advertiser’s offers).

But there are still a number of tools available only on the CPAGrip platform designed with the intention to helping you achieve better CPA offers conversions.

These tools are:

1.URL or file locker

This tool locks the file or website URL, and the customers can only open it if they are performing a specific CPA offer task.

2.Content locker

CPAGrip offers a variety of templates to help lock content and only allow it  open when a visitor is performing a specific task.

3.Video locker

It is also possible to lock the video to direct the visitor to a specific page where he will have to complete a certain task to gain access to the locked video.

4.Offer walls

A method in which a visitor has to perform small tasks for which he receives a reward.

This is a fairly effective method of promoting a CPA offers.


Earning potential

CPAGrip does not enter into affiliate agreements in which publishers receive a specific monthly fee for promoting CPA offers.

How much money a publisher will earn in a day, week, month or year is entirely up to him.

You need to build  CPA affiliate campaigns and search for a targeted audience.

Depending on the affiliate’s abilities, each affiliate will have different results.

CPAGrip gives you the opportunity to promote the products of different companies and provides you with affiliate tools to make it easier for you to promote these offers, but it will not refer to the specific amount of money you will earn.

This is because the publisher acts as an individual entrepreneur who does everything himself .

On the one hand, it’s not easy, but the good news is that you have unlimited opportunities to earn as much money as you want.

It all depends on your ability to promote CPAGrip affiliate offers.

$ 50-100 a day is a pretty good result.

Many would be happy with such a daily income.

But super affiliates earn a lot more.

The best affiliates earn $ 1000 + every day!

Obviously, most people won’t be able to reach the level of super affiliates, but I just showed here that it’s potentially possible to make big money by promoting CPA offers.


As with other CPA networks, CPAGrip only allows you to withdraw  money if you will reach the minimum threshold of $ 50.

It’s not too large , and most experienced publishers will easily earn it.

The money is paid out on a net 30 basis-30 days later after its earning date.

Convenient methods of receiving money are available – PayPal, Payoneer, Bank transfer.


A good company never only thinks about big profits, but also takes care of its cooperation partners, because  on this successful cooperation the company’s profit indicators depend.

Therefore, the company’s quality cooperation with its customers is of great importance.

This is also understood by CPAGrip.

CPAGrip is a solid company, so it pays great attention to providing quality support to its members.

They make sure that advertisers and publishers can contact them at any time.

CPAGrip support is available 24/7, so you can contact their support team at any time for any questions.

You can contact them in different ways, so you will be able to choose the most suitable type of communication.

You can contact through:

• email

• via telephone.

If you need  assistance and would like answers to your questions immediately, please contact the CPAGrip support team over the phone.

If you do not need to receive answers to your questions immediately, then it is useful to use email communication.

The best contact will be through the phone, because in this way you can say many things in a short time, which you can’t  through email.

Email is suitable if you don’t need detailed answers, but a phone conversation will allow you to talk in detail and get accurate answers to your questions.


Payment Proof


If you want to act as a publisher to promote CPA offers, then CPAGrip is one of the best places to do it.

You will have access to high quality CPA offers.

And you will always receive your money on time for the work you have done.

Join this great CPA network!

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