April 19, 2024

How To Clear Deezer’s memory on Android and iPhone

Your smartphone is saturated, it doesn’t have enough free space to take pictures, listen to music or watch a YouTube video? If you use the Deezer application to stream music, it is quite possible that a lot of storage space is occupied by these musics. Mobile applications, such as Deezer, store songs in memory to avoid downloading them in 4G each time you listen to them or because you have asked to download them for offline listening. And as you listen to more and more songs, the device’s memory fills up and can reach saturation. This is called the mobile app “cache.

This tutorial explains how to empty the Deezer application cache to recover free space on the storage of an iPhone, iPad or Android device (smartphone and tablet).

Note: by default, the Deezer application is limited to 10% of Smart Cache, so this should not be the only cause of saturation of the phone’s internal hard drive.

Clearing the Deezer application cache

1. Open the Deezer application on iOS or Android.

2. In the top right corner of the screen, press the Settings cogwheel.

3. Press “Application Settings” .

4. At the very bottom of the list, see “Storage Space” with the Available Space and what is Occupied by Deezer.

5. To free up space, press “Erase All Data” to delete all the songs stored in Deezer, knowing that you will only have to listen to them while connected to Wifi or 4G the next time you play them.

6. Confirm by pressing “Delete” .

7. The storage of the phone is thus lightened by as much space.

Setting the Deezer Cache Size

At the bottom of this list, move the slider to allow more or less storage space to the Deezer application. This is a simple solution to prevent the phone or tablet from running out of free space again.

Store Deezer cache on SD card

Android-based devices that have external SD card storage can expand their memory so that they are no longer limited to the device’s internal memory only. If this is the case, press “Change Storage” to select the device’s microSD card.


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