February 25, 2024

Why are the Samsung A series so cheap?


Samsung Galaxy A Series

In the A series, you’ll find mid-range and budget devices. The higher the number after the A, the better the device is. The 2019 series runs from the A10 to the A80. The 2020 series always gets a number: the A51 is the successor of the A50. The devices up to and including the A20e are similar to the old J series. Starting at the A40, we speak of the mid-range devices. With every step up, the phone becomes slightly larger and more powerful and the camera gets better.



  • All devices starting at the A40 have a clear and sharp SAMOLED screen.
  • Samsung A devices have good to very good cameras.
  • In the A series, smartphones have an excellent battery life.


  • In terms of speed and computing power, these devices cannot match the S Series.

Why are the Samsung A series so cheap?


The A series is Samsung’s middle-tear range of phones. The J series is below that.

But the A is cheaper than the S and Note series in several ways:

  • Cheaper build materials – Recently Samsung started including glass back in some of the A series phones, but generally they still use lower quality metal alloys and finish than in the higher end phones.
  • Weaker internals – The higher-end series always use top of the line specifications, while the A series use the latest middle tear processors with less power but still optimized for battery consumption. Some of the latest games won’t play ideally on these phones, and in some processing apps you will see significant differences in performance when compared to more powerful phones.
  • Weaker camera – Weaker camera sensors are used, and when combined with the processing power, less computational photography and software optimizations are applied, with the higher end phones offering better photos in general and much better ones in the nighttime.
  • Software support – The more expensive phones also get longer and more meaningful software support for a year longer or more.

These are the main factors lowering device costs. There are also others like marketing costs included in the price itself as well. The flagship series will get a lot more media attention and focus than lower-tier phones.

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