May 23, 2024

what is .xapk file and how to install xapk on android

There are many archive formats on Android besides the APK, and one of them is the XAPK. We explain to you exactly what it is, what their purpose is in the mobile ecosystem and how we can work with them

An XAPK archive is an installation archive of an Android application that includes the APK archive plus some additional archives, additional OBB data necessary for its operation. These OBB archives are normally downloaded after the application is installed, but in certain determined cases it is worth having them before, and these are usually cache data, additional information, databases, maps or data. users in games… This is another kind of unofficial executable archive, and if you want to install it normally by tapping on it, you will only get an error: the default operating system installer does not does not recognize them and, therefore, does not authorize their opening and execution.

They are used to install and distribute Android applications, except that they include everything that is necessary for the application to work. With them one can install both applications and games. Their size is usually much larger than the usual size of APK files, due to their content, and regarding security, you should take some precautions. This type of archive is not available on the Google Play Store, but on sources like our own website. In our case, we scan all archives with dozens of antiviruses before offering its download, including XAPK archives, but we cannot guarantee that the sources after downloading do the same, we recommend that you download the files XAPK only from trusted sources.

To be able to install XAPK archives, you need a specialist installer. We recommend the XAPK Installer.

1-When the download is complete, tap Open on the notification you will see on the screen or find the app in your downloads folder and tap it once.
2-When the installation is started, tap on Install in the lower right corner of the screen.

3-After a few seconds, the application will have been installed on your mobile and you will see the message App Installed. Tap Open again in the lower right corner to open the app.

4-The first time you will have to give permissions to access photos, media and archives, tap Allow in the pop-up window. The app will scan all content on your device for APK and XAPK archives and show you a list. You just have to press Install on the XAPK archive to run it.

More and more applications are coming in this format. Make sure you always have XAPK Installer on your device so you can manage them conveniently and enjoy them instantly.

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