April 20, 2024

WordPress vs Blogger – Which one is Better? 2021

Blogging is one of the most famous areas of work on the Internet, and the process of creating a blog and starting to write is very easy and takes only a few minutes, but there are many things that deserve some thought, including choosing between different blogging platforms, on top of which is Blogger and WordPress.

So the question here is which is better Blogger or WordPress? What is the right platform for me as a blogger? Well, do not worry, this confusion faces anyone who has heard of this field and wants to create a blog and start writing and blogging, so we will help you overcome this confusion by making a comparison between WordPress and Blogger.

In this comparison, we will explain how each platform works and discuss the features it offers to the blogger, as well as the simple challenges that users of the two platforms may encounter, this will provide you with an overview that will help you choose the best platform for you.

The wonderful thing is that we will put you links to topics and explanations for each of the two platforms, whether you choose Blogger or WordPress, you will find in the winners articles explaining everything from A to Z about either of the two platforms, so follow the links that will be placed in the article because they refer to articles that are very important to you. .
What is the Blogger platform?

Blogger is a simple service provided by the famous Google company, and it enables you to create a blog on the Internet, through the Blogger platform, you can create a blog easily and simply within minutes … All you need is to create a free profile on Blogger, which requires you to have an account on Google Only, then you can create a new blogger blog right away.

You can choose from a variety of blogger templates to define the look, layout and name of your blog. The link for your blog on Blogger will add this domain to its end: blogspot.com, but if you want a private domain name, you will have to buy it yourself and link it to Blogger.

After completing the profile creation phase, you will have access to a simple dashboard where you can create posts, add pages to your blog, see and respond to comments, and perform other basic blog-related tasks.

What are the advantages of the Blogger platform?

1- It is a very easy platform, and the process of creating a blog on it does not contain difficult steps … where you can literally create a blog in minutes.

2- You will be able to learn how to create content and use all the basic features instantly, without searching for online training courses and spending hours learning and applying.

3- You do not need a paid hosting plan, which means that using this platform is a completely free solution, this is an important feature for beginners or for people who blog in love with it, and are not ready to invest money and buy private hosting.

4- The platform provides you with options to customize your blog. Yes, they are limited options, but their presence is a good thing.

5- As we mentioned earlier that Google provides hosting service with the blogging service, this means that Google provides security and protection for your blog and also guarantees you the speed of the blog (because your blog is on Google’s servers that work with the latest technology in the world).

This means that your focus is fully available for content writing and promotion. While there are many reasons to buy your own hosting, being a no-brainer and worrying about speed and security is an important feature of many novice bloggers.

6- Blogger is owned by Google, and although it is not considered a basic product of Google or the most famous product, it is considered part of the complete Google system. If you use any Google product or service, you already have an account on the Blogger platform.

This integration facilitates many of the steps that you may need to take while creating the blog, for example you do not need to create a new username or a new password, your data that you used to create your account on Gmail is exported to Blogger.

And in order to buy your own domain from Google itself, you can access your photos, store them through the Google Photos tool and then use them later in the blog. You can also make money quickly and simply with Google AdSense, or promote your blog through the largest search network with ease and simplicity.

Challenges that you may encounter as a user of the Blogger platform

1- The platform provides only the basic functions for blogging, as you cannot do more than create a simple blog and post content on it.

2- The options to customize the appearance and features of your blog are very restricted, as is the ability to add special codes that are almost non-existent.

3- You do not completely “own” your content because it is on the servers of Google, although you can export your content if necessary, but not owning your content is still not desirable.

4- As is the case with all Google products, Blogger does not have a special service to support customers, they have a forum in which you can ask your question or inquiry and other users and Google employees will (sometimes) answer your questions.

This forum is designed to contain the fewest possible questions, and this is an inappropriate design for users, because in the end Blogger is a product and as with any product there will be problems.

5- Blogger platform is an old platform, yes it is managed by Google, but it does not provide any of the basic features found at WordPress.com, Tumblr and Medium, and it certainly does not provide the features that you will find if you use the WordPress platform and buy your own hosting.

For example, many platforms provide the feature of integration with websites and other tools through the application programming interface (API), which enables you to access many features such as linking your blog to social media platforms.

6- One of the most difficult challenges that many Blogger users try to forget when making a comparison between WordPress and Blogger … the idea that Blogger is owned by Google itself, and it has been so for a long time.

It is true that the Blogger service serves Google’s primary goal of bringing the largest possible number of people to its network of services, but it is still subject to cancellation by Google, well there is currently no clear statement hints that the Blogger service will cease to exist.

But it is known that Google has ended the lives of many of its previous products despite the presence of a significant number of users of these services such as Google Reader, Google Apps for Teams and Google Glass.

And if you did not hear about these products, you definitely heard about Google+, the popular social media platform that Google ended, and therefore all the content that was on it was deleted with the interaction and comments of users on it.

In other words, although Blogger enjoys great benefits because it is owned by Google, blogging has never been and will never be a priority for Google, so the Blogger platform will always be under threat of closure, even if its performance is outstanding or even with an increase in the number of its users.

If it is stopped, you will not lose your content, but you will need to move your blog according to the period set by Google, whether this period is appropriate for you or not.


What is the WordPress platform?

WordPress is a full-featured content management system, and a platform designed to help you build websites on the Internet. You can use WordPress to create a site that is important to its niche or field.

I started WordPress as a blogging platform, and it is still a convenient platform for this, and it is also free as Blogger, although you will need to choose a hosting plan and choose a domain name in order to be able to use it, and then you can install and configure your WordPress site, once you do that, you will be able to access To your blog administration dashboard.

You can create posts and pages for your blog, modify its settings, add other users, etc., such as Blogger. You can also choose between many WordPress themes to change the look and feel of your blog.

In addition to that, there are a lot of WordPress plugins that are great tools to add additional features to your blog, such as adding a simple form to communicate with your blog visitors, tools that help you get better ranking in the search engines, or even adding e-commerce tools to your blog.

Finally, it is important to note that what we are talking about here in this article, is a WordPress dot org program that you can use for free (and it needs paid hosting and domain name).

Which differs from the WordPress.com platform, which contains a free plan with limited capabilities, and other plans driven by professional capabilities and features (it is an integrated solution for creating a blog, as it includes hosting and also a content management program).


What are the advantages of the WordPress platform?

1- Creating a blog using WordPress is still a fast and comfortable process, and if you are worried about downloading the WordPress system and uploading it to the hosting you will buy?

No need to worry, as there are many hosting companies that do this with the click of a button, and without doing anything on your part (this feature is provided by many large hosting companies even those that offer free hosting).

2- The WordPress platform is easy to use and learn for beginners, especially if you use it for a simple purpose like blogging and writing articles.

3- There are thousands of customization options in the form of plugins and themes, allowing you to configure your blog or site as you want and in line with your goals and the field of your blog.

4- If you are an advanced user and highly technical knowledgeable, you will find that WordPress makes it easy for you to add custom programming codes and specialized and advanced features to your blog.

5- WordPress is an open source content management program, so there are hundreds of developers around the world who are working on solving its problems and developing it constantly.

Challenges that you may encounter as a WordPress user

1- Using WordPress usually requires a small cash investment, you can of course find free hosting, but it is not desirable especially if you want your blog to appear professionally to visitors.

2- You will be largely responsible for ensuring that your site performs well and safely, this includes a comparison between hosting companies and measuring the download speed of the blog every period, to make sure that it is fast and does not suffer from any problems in downloading, etc.

3- There are a lot of WordPress plugins that you can add to your blog and most of them are of great benefit to the performance of the blog (why is this classified as a challenge? Well, I’ll explain why).

When we mentioned many plugins, we do not give the right to the huge number of plugins available for WordPress on the ground, between plugins designed by professional programming companies, additions designed by beginners, paid plugins and free ones (and the two offer the same features).

Here the confusion and distraction in choosing these plugins is something that many WordPress users face, you can ask any professional WordPress user to assure you that he adds and removes these plugins every period of at least six months at times, so in spite of the existence of these plugins It is a good thing, but choosing between them and knowing which is best for you is not easy.

4- This is the second feature we find in WordPress that can be considered a challenge as well, which is the updates that are added to the WordPress system, if you use WordPress you will find that every period the platform releases a new update for it, and although this is a good thing and an important feature,

And here lies the confusion: Do we do the update or wait until you make sure that it is free of any problems (by the way, this is something that can be known either by reading and looking on the Internet and following up on blogs that are interested in updating WordPress, or with practical experience, and this is something I do not recommend because it affects the stability of the blog itself).

Although this is a problem that usually gets resolved quickly, it is a cause of annoyance and anxiety for many WordPress users.

How do you choose the right platform for you as a blogger?

I chose to use the term challenges instead of defects when trying to determine which is better Blogger or WordPress ?, and to discuss the difficulties that users of the two platforms may face, this is because in reality they are not significantly defects, as the word defects means in most cases the presence of errors.

But in the case of these platforms, the use of the term challenges is the most appropriate, this is because these challenges are not mistakes, as much as they are restrictions that exist in each platform, and they are restrictions often imposed by the administration of these platforms for special purposes or specific opinions about what should be available in the blogging platforms.

Such as the limited customization ability imposed by the Google platform or the technical knowledge you need to manage your blog on WordPress, and although they are challenges, they can be adapted to them, and there are many successful bloggers on the two platforms who have succeeded in overcoming these challenges, or at least they have become things Simple to ignore.

Both Blogger and WordPress have their place, and they are useful for certain types of users, however you should know which one is right for you.

Blogger is useful for those who want to create their blog and start blogging right away, if all you want is a platform that provides you with a very simple system, or if blogging for you is just a hobby, then this platform may be the right solution for you. You have to pay any money to start with, and you won’t need to worry about hosting or any other technical considerations.

However you must be aware of how much the Blogger platform restricts its users, as your blog customization options are greatly limited, in addition to that, you will not be able to do much with this platform.

If you want your blog to be part of a larger site such as a business site or a site to display your personal business (portfolio) or an online store, Blogger will not provide you with the features that you will need in these areas.

So when I do a comparison between WordPress and Blogger, I recommend WordPress to most people creating a new blog, as the blog creation costs are very small, the setup is fast and designed to be easy to use for beginners. You can have your own blog and start blogging on it in less than an hour, and you can learn everything you need to quickly create and publish articles.

In the end, even if all you want to do is create a very basic blog, WordPress is always the best choice, that way, if in the future you want to expand and develop your blog or site, add new features to it, or even completely change its domain, it will be You have all the options you need right at your fingertips.

When comparing WordPress and Blogger, here’s a quick recap of what you’ll need to know:

Blogger: A completely free and very simple blogging platform that will get you started blogging within minutes, however your options to customize your blog or add tools and features to it after completing the blogging task are very limited.
WordPress: This platform requires more time (and the cost of the hosting plan and the domain name) to start blogging through, however it is easy for beginners to use, as it offers a lot of customization options, provides many features for more advanced users, and it adapts easily to Your blog as it grows.

Are you a blogger already? We would also like to know which of the two platforms are you using and we would like to share with us in the comments your opinion about which is better Blogger or WordPress? Why?


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